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Based on 32 reviews
Lilja Hedlund
Lilja Hedlund
I am very satisfied with DVS Beauty Bars work! My eyebrows look natural and the shape is perfect. Highly recommend.
April James
April James
It’s been a few months since I got my eyebrows done. I wanted to wait for healed results and give my honest opinion. Well now I can say she did such an incredible job. It boosted my confidence and I always got compliments on how good they looked. Such a great experience as a first timer since I don’t have any tattoos. Loved it!
Jeane Dickey
Jeane Dickey
Donna is such a professional artist and very patient. She literally answered all my questions before I even got a chance to ask them. It’s like she knew what I wanted to ask beforehand. But she probably gets the same questions over and over again. It doesn’t matter cause I felt confident in her skills. She’s always checking from different angles and lighting just to make sure it’s perfect. I love this since I’m also a perfectionist. Go see her and nobody else! She’s also got that Hawaii island hospitality vibes so that’s a plus!
Crystal Reynolds
Crystal Reynolds
DV is awesome! She can literally read my mind. She’s so professional and easy to talk to. You can tell she loves what she does and we even talked about makeup and she had great tips to share. I cannot recommend anyone else other than her!
Gwen Holland
Gwen Holland
Donna Vie was wonderful! She did such a good job on my eyebrows!!! It’s so wonderful to have already filled in brows to wakeup to. Would recommend her!
Sandra Skoda
Sandra Skoda
I couldn't be happier with the end result! Worth every penny. Goodbye 90s pencil-thin eyebrows, hello full, naturally beautiful brows!
Migdalia Clifford
Migdalia Clifford
AMAZING JOB! I absolutely love how Donna-Vie shaped my eyebrows and she does such an amazing job. I’m definitely recommending her to all my family members!
Mary Thomas
Mary Thomas
I drove from another city just to see Donna! I saw she’s from Hawaii so I just knew I had to book with her. They are literally the nicest most chill people. She takes her work seriously and she was always checking symmetry and made me feel like she cared. I have no regrets! 5 stars!
Judi Moore
Judi Moore
I did as much research as anyone else could have done and I came across DVS Beauty Bar. She was responding to every text and question I had even before booking. She’s super sweet! I’m so happy with the shape and how my combo eyebrows turned out. It’s like perfect!
Jessica Fowler
Jessica Fowler
I love my new eyebrows and the shape looks really good. Definitely recommend it.




Reinvent yourself! It’s time to transform your brow routine!


Best Microblading in Las Vegas


Microblading las vegas



brow corrections

$ 500
  • Fix Discoloration and/or Shape
  • Must Be 50-70% Faded
  • Coverup w/Powder Method


$ 400
  • Most Like Makeup
  • Pixel Dot Formations
  • Suitable For All Skin Types

saline removal

$ 125
  • Less Invasive Method
  • May Require Multiple Sessions
  • Suitable For Tattoos <2 Years
Ombre Powder Eyebrows at Brow Studio in Las Vegas.

I woke up like this!

What is Permanent makeup?

Permanent Makeup which is also known as a cosmetic tattoo or micropigmentation is the implantation of pigments into the skin using a machine or hand-held tool to enhance your natural features. People who are eligible to receive this procedure benefit from it in several ways. 

Brows on fleek!

What is the difference between ombre and powder brows?

Ombre (or ombreshading) is a style of brows used in powder shading in which the front of the brows have a gradient-like effect. It goes from light to dark from the bulb of the brows to the tail. This style allows for a more soft and natural look. 

Powder is a shading technique that creates an almost makeup-like look. If you typically fill in your eyebrows on a daily then this service is for you. It’s versatile in that you can achieve a soft or bold look. Hence, you can combine Powder and Ombre to create a soft yet defined brow.

Then, of course, there is Microblading. Microblading is done with a manual handheld tool to create realistic 3D hairlike strokes. Powder is done using a machine. It creates a misty, powder-filled brow similar to the look of makeup. If you can’t decide between powder shading and microblading, the combination brow is the best of both techniques! Custom hair strokes are created at the front of the brow by microblading and then shaded for depth and dimension using a machine for a slightly deeper definition.

Not everyone is suitable for any and all of these techniques. Microblading is best suitable on those with dry to normal skin. The reason for this is due to retention. Oily skin allows for the pigments to push out of the skin and blur, so you won’t able to see those crispy hairstrokes that once were. A skilled and experienced brow artist should recognize this and educate their clients if they don’t have dry skin. However, powder is suitable for all skin types!

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Tattoo Lightening Las Vegas



If you had previous permanent makeup done by another artist please send a clear full front face photo with no filter of your bare brows PRIOR to booking for approval. This is important so that we may review whether or not we can proceed. Your existing brow tattoo must be at least 50-70% faded.

If your brows have changed colors to green, pink, red, purple, or gray this is a brow correction procedure. We will color correct and then do a coverup with powder shading or combo brows. 

Sometimes we cannot correct or neutralize previous permanent makeup in one appointment, so another appointment must be booked. It just depends on how saturated or faded your existing brow tattoo is.

If your brows are too dark and not faded by at least 50-70%, then this is a removal. This may be a series of appointments to lighten the brows enough to proceed with a coverup procedure of powder shading or combo brows.

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What Is Ombre Shading?

What Is Ombre Shading?

These days, we’re all a little brow obsessed! If you’ve ever experienced the agony of filling in your brows daily and are weary of trying to get them just perfect, you’ve heard of microblading. This semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo adds hair-like strokes to your brows to help you save time filling them in.

Ombré Brows is a new technique that is gaining favor this year. Microblading is out, and ombré shading or ombré combo brows are in! Some could argue that it’s better than microblading.

In semi-permanent eyebrow makeup, ombré shading is the newest trend. It creates the formation of a softly shaded brow pencil. It looks more realistic than solid color once it has cured. It delivers the brows with a lot of intent and depth. It can be adjusted to the client’s preference, whether they want a light, delicate shading or a show-stopping strong brow.

Benefits Of Ombre Shading

Microblading and combining shading are becoming increasingly trendy worldwide, especially ombre brows in Las Vegas has become an increasingly popular trend. 

Following are some benefits of ombre shading:

  • Ombre Shading is less painful and causes less bleeding than microblading.
  • If you want hair-like texture, definition, and density, a combination brow is for you. Microblading alone may appear too light depending on the person. 
  • The customer can acquire a thicker, more dense look and hair strokes from microblading by applying some shading. 
  • Microblading alone is not suitable for oily skin types, so this combination procedure is a better alternative for someone with oily skin.

Side Effects Of Ombre Shading

Machine shading has no known negative consequences. While it resembles a regular tattoo, the needle does not penetrate the skin as deeply. It will fade over time as a semi-permanent treatment. Over time, the color variations in the pigment under the skin also occur due to sun exposure or improper pigment selection by the brow technician.

Hence, before getting serviced, make sure you conduct your research about the facility and artist you’ll be seeing.

After Care Of Ombre Shading

It’s pretty simple! For the most significant results, the client should avoid having the brows wet, sweaty workouts, and any makeup around the brows for at least two weeks. The most important thing to remember is not to pick at the scabs or dry skin. The scabs must shed on their own. During the healing phase, it’s also best to avoid lengthy sun exposure and any facial treatments. The customer will be provided an aftercare ointment to apply twice a day after the operation. Maintaining the cleanliness of your newly colored brows is crucial.

Ombre brows in Las Vegas are much popular. If you are looking for ombre brows in Las Vegas, then our ombre brows specialists in Las Vegas are best for you.

Ombre Brows In Las Vegas

We have Ombre brows specialists in Las Vegas. This technique is carried out by machine. It simulates the look of cosmetics by creating a foggy, powder-filled brow. Ombre shading seems light at the brow’s beginning and gradually darkens at the brow’s end. You can achieve a delicate yet striking cosmetics look.

Our team has performed hundreds of brow microblading, ombre brows, powder brows, and micro shading procedures throughout the years for the inhabitants of Las Vegas. Our staff comprises specialists who have supplied hundreds of satisfied clients who continue to return. These consumers, as well as our brand-new ones, leave us incredible testimonials.

The long-term effects of Microblading

The long-term effects of Microblading

Our eyebrows are getting an artificial lift that lasts longer than a typical pencil. If you’re looking for a qualified and accredited microblading professional in any given place, you won’t have a hard time locating one.

But while the immediate effects of microblading (fuller-looking, perfectly formed brows) are clear, the therapy’s long-term ramifications aren’t discussed as often. However, because microblading is a form of semipermanent tattooing, it’s critical that you know everything there is to know about the procedure before committing to the first consultation.

The Possible Side-Effects of Microblading

It’s possible to get infected, which would be worse than having brows that don’t match your inspiration photographs after you leave. Dermatologists say that prolonged redness, swelling, crusting, or oozing after microblading indicates that something isn’t right, and you should see your doctor right away.

Microblading can last up to a year if done appropriately by a competent practitioner. Regular, yearly touch-ups will be required to retain the original effects after a year (or six months if you use tretinoin or frequent chemical peels). Dermatologists also claim that the microbladed brows will gradually fade and disappear after three years without regular touch-ups.

In addition, the FDA does not control the pigments’ color-additive chemicals, which is why microblading colorants are unregulated. Moreover, there is a risk of allergic responses and contamination. As the outcomes of microblading are semipermanent, it is imperative to perform the process appropriately. If it is done incorrectly, it cannot be easily disguised. While it is true that the pigment fades over time, as some people point out, this is not the only thing that is true regarding microblading. 

The microblading healing process

According to dermatologists, the healing procedure for the brow area can take 10 to 14 days. During the first 48 hours, microblading experts instruct clients to gently blot their brows to eliminate any lymph fluid and excess oil. After the microblading has been used, they ensure that the zone is entirely dehydrated by patting that down. Dermatologists did that because they wanted to avoid excessive scabbing due to this buildup.

Dermatologists stress the need to keep the area dry in the early aftermath of the procedure, which includes avoiding sweating, swimming, and saunas. A third-day peeling is regular, but you should avoid picking or scratching your eyebrows. Instead, slather on a barrier lotion to lock in moisture and soothe irritation.

This gradual lightening of the brows will last for six weeks, during which time your skin will rejuvenate and naturally exfoliate. Even after the six-week mark, brows can fade more quickly than you think because of simple things like exposure to the sunlight.

Faces are exposed to a lot of sunlight, even in the winter and cold climates. Even in the winter and chilly locations, your face gets enough sun exposure, causing faded brows. 

The ink can turn orangey, blue, or even pink when exposed to the sun on your face. To put it another way, even when your brows have fully recovered, you should continue to protect yourself from the sun by wearing oversized sunglasses and a hat.

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