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Based on 21 reviews.
Niki Yates
Niki Yates
I just had my follow up session of powder and shading with DV. My first session was awesome. I love the results. But my oily skin pushes out the color a little so we went darker and thicker. Highly recommended!!!
Olga Douglas
Olga Douglas
Great powder brow tattoo. DV is very professional and is very creative!! Her conversations are the best!! Sheโ€™s so personable!!
Nola Harding
Nola Harding
I can not say enough great things about Donna Vie! She is a fantastic artist! I spent a good year trying to find the right microblading technician. I came across her work on Instagram and immediately knew she was the one! She is an actual artist and I believe that is what sets her apart from others. My brows look phenomenal and so natural. She is not only an amazing artist but a very kind and authentic person. I highly recommend her work!!!
Ruby Patel
Ruby Patel
Love my new brows! I have never done my eyebrows before it was completely painless and worth it. I got beautiful ombrรฉ powder brows very natural look which Iโ€™m obsessed with. She takes her time making sure you are satisfied with your brows and assure you are comfortable. Also very clean I would definitely recommend to anyone who is considering to get their brows done.
Brandy Misner
Brandy Misner
Donna was amazing, very friendly, knowledgeable and very good at mapping out the brows to fit your face. She takes pride in her work. Iโ€™m happy with my experience there.
Angela Diekmann
Angela Diekmann
Donnavie is the best and hands down an amazing artist! She is very detailed and makes sure you are comfortable with the eyebrows she has shaped for you. I did micro blading and was super impressed with how well it turned out. Very natural, which was the look I was going for. Since this was my first time doing any type of permanent make up, I was a little bit nervous. DV made me feel relaxed and answered any questions I had. I highly recommend her, she is worth it! I drove over just to get my eyebrows done by her. Looking forward to my touch up! Thank you again, DV!
Linda L
Linda L
DV was great! Was nervous to get microblading, but she was clearly an expert and put my mind at ease. I barely felt the procedure and love my new brows! DV is friendly and professional. Very clean and comfortable salon as well. Highly recommend.
Susan May
Susan May
Wonderful experience having the microbladed eyebrows done by DV. I expected some painful discomfort and that did not happen. Iโ€™ve had this procedure done 3 years ago and my result this time was very good. I am so happy with my new brows. I have bragged and recommended DV to all my friends and family. Thank you for a very satisfying service.




Reinvent yourself! It’s time to transform your brow routine!


Best Microblading in Las Vegas


Microblading las vegas



brow corrections

$ 500
  • Color Correct Discoloration
  • Must Be 50-70% Faded
  • Coverup w/Powder Method


$ 400
  • Most Like Makeup
  • Pixel Dot Formations
  • Suitable For All Skin Types

saline removal

$ 125
  • Less Invasive Method
  • May Require Multiple Sessions
  • Suitable For Tattoos <2 Years
Ombre Powder Eyebrows at Brow Studio in Las Vegas.

I woke up like this!

What is Permanent makeup?

Permanent Makeup which is also known as a cosmetic tattoo or micropigmentation is the implantation of pigments into the skin using a machine or hand-held tool to enhance your natural features. People who are eligible to receive this procedure benefit from it in several ways.ย 

Brows on fleek!

What is the difference between ombre and powder brows?

Ombre (or ombreshading) is a style of brows used in powder shading in which the front of the brows have a gradient-like effect. It goes from light to dark from the bulb of the brows to the tail. This style allows for a more soft and natural look.ย 

Powder is a shading technique that creates an almost makeup-like look. If you typically fill in your eyebrows on a daily then this service is for you. It’s versatile in that you can achieve a soft or bold look. Hence, you can combine Powder and Ombre to create a soft yet defined brow.

Then, of course, there is Microblading. Microblading is done with a manual handheld tool to create realistic 3D hairlike strokes. Powder is done using a machine. It creates a misty, powder-filled brow similar to the look of makeup. If you canโ€™t decide between powder shading and microblading, the combination brow is the best of both techniques! Custom hair strokes are created at the front of the brow by microblading and then shaded for depth and dimension using a machine for a slightly deeper definition.

Not everyone is suitable for any and all of these techniques. Microblading is best suitable on those with dry to normal skin. The reason for this is due to retention. Oily skin allows for the pigments to push out of the skin and blur, so you won’t able to see those crispy hairstrokes that once were. A skilled and experienced brow artist should recognize this and educate their clients if they don’t have dry skin. However, powder is suitable for all skin types!

permanent makeup, eyebrow tattoo, cosmetic tattoo, ombre, powder, microblading
Tattoo Lightening Las Vegas



If you had previous permanent makeup done by another artist please send a clear full front face photo with no filter of your bare brows PRIOR to booking for approval. This is important so that we may review whether or not we can proceed. Your existing brow tattoo must be at least 50-70% faded.

If your brows have changed colors to green, pink, red, purple, or gray this is a brow correction procedure. We will color correct and then do a coverup with powder shading or combo brows.ย 

Sometimes we cannot correct or neutralize previous permanent makeup in one appointment, so another appointment must be booked. It just depends on how saturated or faded your existing brow tattoo is.

If your brows are too dark and not faded by at least 50-70%, then this is a removal. This may be a series of appointments to lighten the brows enough to proceed with a coverup procedure of powder shading or combo brows.

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Is microblading your eyebrows painful?

Is microblading your eyebrows painful?

The idea of microbladed eyebrows is certainly appealing if you have thin or light eyebrows and suffer from one of the many diseases that can result in eyebrow hair loss, such as alopecia.

In microblading, thin eyebrow areas filling make them appear fuller and more natural. Under the skin, users apply permanent pigment lines with a blade. Microblading results in a natural-looking feathery brow, and the procedure can last on average for three years, although touch-ups are required about every 18 months.

Most people only experience minor pressure or discomfort during the procedure, which is less painful than a typical tattoo because of numbing cream usage. Microbladed eyebrowsโ€™ pain tolerance varies from person to person. Patients should be ready for some discomfort during this procedure.

Make sure you thoroughly research your provider before considering microblading for microbladed eyebrows. Look at samples of their work before making your decision. Ensure that a topical numbing ointment is applied to the brow area to ease the pain.

The following steps can help you minimize swelling and pain following the procedure.

Do microbladed eyebrows hurt?

In simple terms, microblading is the process of making hundreds of tiny cuts across your brow line. Similar to tattoos, minor cuts are made in the skin then filled with pigment.

Generally, the area will be numbed with an anaesthetic before the procedure begins. The blade doesn’t cut your skin, so you are more likely to feel pressure or scratching sensations from the microblading tool rather than actual pain.

As you go through this process, you will hear loud scratching and crunching sounds, as if you were walking on compacted snow.

In the absence of anaesthetics, the procedure will be more painful if you are not used to the pain. Your skin might feel like it is scratched repeatedly. Your practitioner should discuss using an anaesthetic before you begin the process.

Numbing cream takes 30 minutes or more to begin working. As your practitioner continues the process, they will start adding cuts to existing cuts close to each other. You may feel like your skin is irritated or burnt, similar to a sunburn.

The practitioner can alternate between each brow. While the eyebrow is resting, they might add more anaesthetic.

It is normal to experience some minor discomfort and skin irritation during microblading, but you may be able to reduce both by following these steps before your appointment:

  • On the day of the procedure, don’t consume caffeine or alcohol.
  • Sunbathing and tanning should be avoided for a few days before the procedure.
  • Before the procedure, avoid plucking or waxing your eyebrows.
  • In the weeks leading up to the process, avoid chemical peels, laser treatments, and other cosmetic procedures.
  • Before starting treatment, stop taking vitamin A (retinol).

Can the procedure for microbladed eyebrows cause pain?

The area usually feels bruised or tender for about a day following a microblading procedure for microbladed eyebrows. There should be no signs of bruises on your skin, but you may see a slight redness. For a few days following a wound’s healing, you may feel like you have a sunburn.

The pigment settles after 10 to 14 days, and then the wound is fully healed. The skin will remain sensitive during this period.

Follow the aftercare instructions provided by the microblading technician to avoid complications, assist with the healing process, and prevent infection. These instructions may include:

  • To heal your eyebrows, apply coconut oil twice a day.
  • Make sure the area is clean and dry.
  • For a week to 10 days, avoid touching the brow area, rubbing it, picking at it, or wetting it.
  • You should avoid harsh skin care products.
  • You should apply makeup to the site for a week.
  • For a few weeks, avoid sweating.
  • Don’t expose yourself directly to the sun, including tanning beds.


Typically, microblading for microbladed eyebrows followed by numbing cream. This procedure may cause some discomfort, and afterwards, irritation or soreness may result.

It is relatively painless and safe to have microblading done by a good provider who follows all pre-and post-care instructions.

It would be best if you considered working with a microblading provider with accreditation from the American Academy of Micropigmentation or the Society of Permanent Cosmetic Professionals (SPCP).

What happens with microblading after 5 years?

What happens with microblading after 5 years?

Typically, microblading involves semi-permanent eyebrow tattoos. The body breaks down the PMU pigments over time, thus causing the colour to fade after about 18 months, as it uses the pigments formulated for that purpose.

Then what happens if it doesn’t?

It’s not uncommon for microblading to last much longer than a year and a half, and although having perfect eyebrows for five years for the price of one treatment may sound amazing, it’s not as good as it sounds.

Let’s examine what microblading can look like 5 years from now without a refresher touch up.

Microblading Semi-permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Has Faded

If your system responds well to the pigments, microblading should be invisible after 5 years, assuming everything goes according to plan. Once the pigment was implemented, some remained in the skin for a while, but it would disappear if the artists did everything right and used high-quality pigments.

Then, after 5 years, your microblading will become invisible or fade into a very pale shadow you can’t even see unless you try, so you can either get fresh microblading or get another brow PMU style, or you can live microblading free forever.

Microblading Semi-permanent Eyebrow Tattoo Hasn’t Faded Completely.

Another possibility is that microblading semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo

ย after five years does not fade completely.

There are several reasons why semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo may not fade, including improper technique – the pigment injected too deeply. This could also be due to incorrect pigment formulation or that the technology used tattoo ink. The PMU industry has progressed significantly in the past five years and has improved formulas.

You might find that your microblading fades only a little after 5 years, and:

  • There remains a shadow that has not changed over the past year
  • Though the shape of the eyebrows is fine, the color has changed to orange or blue.
  • Although there is still a brow shape, the strokes of color are blurred together to create a powdery look
  • Color migration has caused the shape to change and to look messy.

You probably don’t like how your microblading looks after 5 years, and you are looking for a solution.

Listed below are the fixes and their respective cases.

A Cover-Up Touch Up

After 5 years, your microblading might have become a very light shadow, and you need new eyebrows. An extensive touch up could fix it.

The artist can add new microblading or machine strokes to the shadow if light enough.

As soon as the shadow gets darker, new strokes will be added, as well as a machine or manual shading between them.

Color Correction

After 5 years, the colour of your semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo has either turned reddish/orangey or grey/blue. The shape and shape of your eyebrows are fine, and pigments did not migrate out of the initial outline.

You can fix too saturated brows with a microblading colour correction if they are not too dark. You can apply corrector shades over existing pigments to neutralize the unattractive hues so that you get the colour you wish for or something very similar.

Lightening or Removal

Although the shape of your semi-permanent eyebrow tattooย  is okay, the strokes have blurred and merged together, creating the appearance of a powdery brow.


As a result, your eyebrows have spread and look messy as the pigments have migrated outside the original brow arch outline.

You will need to have the microblading removed if either or both of these are the case. Whether the unwanted pigment is black, grey, or saline, any removal method will work. As long as the colour is orange, reddish or warm, laser removal will not work, which means you have to choose one of the two non-laser removal methods.

You can lighten the pigments in one or two sessions and cover them up with powder brows if you plan on getting a fresh brow tattoo.

In contrast, if you wish to remove the semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo completely and never have it redone, you should expect it to take months.

Final Tip

If your microblading semi-permanent eyebrow tattoo has worn off after five years, you have the following options. It depends on how saturated your skin is and how your skin retains pigment, which one is appropriate for you.

The basic information we’ve provided is helpful, but only a professional PMU artist can tell you what works best for you.

What’s the difference between microblading and microshading?

What’s the difference between microblading and microshading?

Some people confuse microblading with microshading and microblading costs etc. Although both procedures can enhance your eyebrows, they are entirely different in nature.

Difference between microblading and microshading

  • By applying tiny dots of pigment, microshading creates the look of powdered eyebrows.
  • Microblading involves applying pigment beneath the skin with a bladed needle. The technician uses hair-like strokes to fill your eyebrows to mimic natural eyebrow hair.

Advantages of microshading

  • It looks like eyebrow powder.
  • It makes eyebrows thicker and fuller.
  • Suitable for oily or sensitive skin.

Disadvantages of microshading

  • This is a semipermanent condition that lasts for 3 to 6 months.
  • Insurance does not cover
  • There is mild discomfort and pain associated with it.

Advantages of microblading

  • Strokes that resemble hair provide the illusion that they are real.
  • It fills and shapes your eyebrows.
  • It is perfect for dry skin.
  • The finish is lighter.

Disadvantages of microblading

  • The semi-permanent implants only last 6 to 8 months
  • Insurance does not cover
  • It is mildly painful and uncomfortable.

What are the average microblading costs?

The average cost of a microblading session is about $400 to $600. It is important to note that rates that are substantially less than this range may indicate poor quality, so do your research.

After knowing the ย microblading costs, you may want to know aboutย  microshading costs. Please read on.

What are the averageย  microshading costs?

Microshading costs, on average, just under $600 – $590, to be exact. Many different artists offer this treatment so that you may find the prices ranging from $300 to $2000.

After knowing microshading and microblading costs, you may want to know more about that. Below are more details that you are interested in.

Is microshading painful?

There will be some discomfort – more than when you tweeze or wax, but less than when you get a tattoo. A numbing cream will apply to your eyebrows before the procedure begins.

If the numbing cream wears off, your brows will be sore. An anti-inflammatory drug such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen can help reduce inflammation.

How long do Microshading and Microblading eyebrows last?

After knowing microshading and ย microblading costs, you may want to know how long these procedures last.

So, the answer for microshading is about three years while for microblading is 18-30 months .

Compared to the time it takes for microshading, the procedure is relatively short. It lasts about three years after microshading. Although, you probably won’t stick to that style for as long as you would like. In any case, your eyebrows won’t turn green after a while, even if this is the case.

Is Microshading better than microblading?

If you have sparse brows, microshading is the best option, and microblading is better if you already have brows but want to fill in sparse areas. Microblading is the best option if you prefer a more natural look. Microshading is the best way to achieve a light makeup look.

What’s a microshading procedure like?

It takes two sessions to perform microshading. Initial consultations sometimes combined with the initial application, and the second application is the perfecting application.

The First session

In your session’s first part, your makeup artist will measure your face and determine the ideal shape for your eyebrows. You may bring a picture of the look you want.

You and your technician will agree on a shape, and your technician will:

  • Using a pencil, trace the eyebrow shapes.
  • Remove the Hair.
  • Choose the right pigment colour for your eyebrows.

It takes about 2 hours to complete the first session.

You will see darker eyebrows for up to five days after the procedure. Your eyebrows will gradually lighten as they heal.

Within about four weeks, your brows will be the same colour as your natural brows.

The Second session

Approximately eight weeks after your first session, you will return for your second. During this session, you will refine your technique.

As part of this appointment, your makeup artist will adjust the brow shape and thickness if needed.

About an hour and a half passed in the second session.

Are there any side effects?

Complications can arise with microshading, but it is generally safe.

It involves applying ink to the upper dermal layer of skin. A needle that penetrates deeper than this layer of skin can cause injury.

Symptoms of skin irritation may also occur after the procedure, such as:

  • itchiness
  • swelling
  • redness

The numbing cream or tattoo ink can also cause a reaction, not to mention the risk of infection from blood-borne pathogens.

You should see a doctor if you develop any of the following symptoms of skin infection:

  • increased pain
  • swelling
  • blistering


Creating thicker, fuller brows with microshading is a great way to achieve a powdered look. There are, however, some risks to the procedure.

What you can expect from the procedure and how it works should be understood.

If you plan to have cosmetic tattooing, be sure to hire a technician with many experience and training.