Powder Brow Tattoo

What to expect at your appointment

STEp 01: consultation

Welcome to DVS Beauty Bar! You’ll come to your appointment with your brows filled in as you typically would every day. We’ll go over your pain points, shape preferences, and current brow routine. We’ll remove the brow makeup and we’ll examine your brows and discuss your skin type, lifestyle, diet, etc. If you have any brow inspiration photos, please feel free to bring them. Then we’ll choose a brow pigment color to match your natural hair (not dyed hair) unless otherwise specified. 


Based on the consultation, we’ll start mapping or shaping a custom brow shape that fits your natural facial features using various mapping tools. We’ll have you open and close your eyes, raise your brows, smile, talk, frown, etc. Sometimes, a stronger or more dominant brow muscle is typical. We’ll try our best to keep them symmetrical, brows are sisters, not twins! It’s also dependent on your natural brow bone and face structure. Keep an open mind! We’ll have you finalize the shape and wipe off all the markings and then we can begin!

step 03: The Procedure

We offer several different services including but not limited to powder ombre, microblading, combination, removal and corrections. We are compliant with Southern Nevada Health District regulations and only use sterile and disposable tools. Most clients report minimal to no pain during the procedure. We’ll use topical numbing agents throughout the procedure to make you feel as comfortable as possible. Don’t be afraid to take a quick nap as most clients tend to doze off.


We’ll do a brow reveal, take more photos, and collect payment. Then we’ll review the aftercare instructions. How you care for your brows after the appointment is probably the most important step! We’ll send you home with an aftercare kit that includes everything you’ll need throughout the healing period. It’s very important to follow the aftercare instructions to help achieve the best-healed results and retention. Failure to do so is the equivalent of throwing your money and time spent out the door. You made an investment and we want you to make it all worthwhile. 

step 05: Touchup

Touchups are used as the perfecting appointment. It is not required, but highly recommended since every client is different and results may vary. It’s best to book your touchup appointment within 6-8 weeks of your original appointment. The longer you wait to book your touchup the higher the pricing. We’ll examine how your brows healed and this is your chance to go darker if you want a more full makeup look or add hair strokes if you wanted a fuller front. I suggest booking your touchup appointment online at the end of your original brow appointment. Remember these are low maintenance, NOT no maintenance eyebrows!

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