Does Microblading or machine shading ruin your natural eyebrows?

Today, beauty is all about the face, and eyebrows are the essential part. Beautifully shaped eyebrows can enhance the beauty of your eyes, and whole natural eyebrows can even make you look a bit younger. 

However, not everyone is blessed with flawless brows. If you have thin eyebrows because of a genetic predisposition, over-plucked them as a teen, have alopecia, are recovering from cancer treatment, have sparse areas, or don’t like the shape, semi-permanent makeup may be an option to consider.

Skin problems can result from low-quality equipment that is not adequately sterilized. Tattoo removal via laser is a painful and potentially scarring process, making it an expensive option. The microblading side effects include allergic skin reactions in many cases and swallowing your natural eyebrows.

Microblading And Ruining Of Natural Eyebrows

While creating the perfect brow, beauticians tout microblading as the semi-permanent makeup solution. However, this is a procedure that can go wrong. Microblading has several drawbacks including following:

Infection and Scars

The most serious of which is that the procedure cuts the skin to deposit the pigment. Infection and scar tissue can occur when a wound is made on the skin.

Need for touch-ups & skin damage

If you get microblading, you’ll have to get touch-ups constantly because it only lasts a couple of months. The repeated cutting of the skin causes permanent damage and may even affect the hair follicles you already have. There is no way to reverse the effects of this kind of injury on your skin. You’ll have to deal with scarring of the tissues.

Hiring inexperienced techs may result in disastrous outcomes

Because microblading is a hand-operated procedure, your results are entirely dependent on the person’s skills performing the procedure. It’s possible that hiring an inexperienced person will lead to disastrous outcomes. When microblading goes wrong, it’s easy to find examples of it on the internet. Nevertheless, even with the best technicians, permanent scarring from microblading is inevitable.

Worth Considering For Natural Eyebrows

Light scarring may be left behind, especially if you’ve had previous procedures done before digital machines became common. Although you can certainly let your treated brows fade over time to reveal your natural eyebrows look, you may find that older procedures have left their mark, even though you won’t experience inhibited or lessened hair growth.

People who aren’t familiar with using handheld blades are the ones who are most at risk here. A small scar can be expected from a deep cut that extends beyond the first few layers of skin and exposes tissue or blood vessels. Knowing how you heal and the effects of a semi-permanent procedure on your skin, in particular, is essential because some people are more susceptible to scarring. In other words, if your brow artist performs the procedure correctly and you are completely honest with them, you shouldn’t have any lasting scars if you decide to let your brows fade naturally.

Do your homework and ask a lot of questions to minimize the risk. You need to know what your brow artist has done in the past and have faith in the outcome so that your natural eyebrows look enhanced, not destroyed.