All about powder eyebrows

A Guide to Powder Eyebrows 

Does it take you too long to do your eyebrows? How about taking a semi-permanent solution for your eyebrows filling and shape to save yourself from the hassle of doing them again and again. You must be thinking of microbladed brows now, but no, we are not talking about micro blading here. We have got something even better than that. Have you heard about powdered eyebrows? If not then this article will explain it all. Here we will discuss what power eyebrows are, the process, maintenance, and some other details. Without delaying any more, let’s move forward to find out the reasoning behind the increasing popularity of powder brows in Las Vegas.

What are powder eyebrows?

Powder eyebrows as the name says are a makeup technique involving the use of pigments implanted into the skin to make your eyebrows have a soft powder effect. This semi-permanent process is very similar to actual filled-in makeup with a pencil or powder. A permanent makeup device is used for giving powder effect. This device has much resemblance to a tattoo gun.

Who is compatible with powder eyebrows?

If you are someone with oily skin and dealing with drawing eyebrows every day, then you are the perfect candidate for powder eyebrows. 

How many sittings do you have to take?

You will start noticing a huge difference even after your very first powder eyebrows session. If accompanied with a second appointment, it will give even better results. A follow-up session should be carried out after 6 to 8 weeks to make sure that the color is still in place and the shape is properly maintained. 

Is microblading and powder eyebrows the same?

No, microblading and powder are not the same. In microblading, a manual tool is used for filling the eyebrows gaps with natural hair strokes for creating a fluffy brow look. On the other hand, in powder ombre eyebrows, a digital machine is used for layering soft color pixels on the brows. This technique results in the perfect eyebrow shape maintenance and gives a velvety soft eyebrow powder appeal.

How to maintain powder brows?

For the maintenance of the powder eyebrows, after initial touchups, make sure to go for yearly touch-ups regularly. This helps in keeping the color fresh and crispy. Both internal and external factors contribute to the natural fading of the powder color. Internal factors include gradual pigment breakdown as a result of metabolism whereas external factors include sun exposure. The rate of fading is different in every person depending mainly on the skin type and secondarily on the lifestyle. 

The process of powder coating brow:

  • Step No. 1: Mapping the brows 

Using natural brow shape as the guideline, map the brows with freehand drawing, using measuring calipers and a piece of thread.

  • Step No. 2. Brow Refining

For adding a touch of your personal style balance the brows and then make the shape using tweezers. 

  • Step No. 3: Color selection 

Choose a color that goes well with your hair color and skin tone.

  • Step No. 4: Brow filling

With the help of a digital machine, fill in pigment on the upper skin layer to complete the brow filling process. 

  • Step No. 5. Add hair strokes

With a microblading blade at the brow front for finally creating create hair-like strokes.


This was all about powder coating eyebrows. In case you have any other questions drop them in the comment section below. We would love to help! Good luck with your powder coating eyebrows experience.