What Is the Aftercare for Microblading?

Many people don’t know the aftercare for microblading and thus have to face serious complications. Good aftercare is necessary for maintaining optimum microblading results for a longer time period. In this article, we will share some great aftercare tips related to microblading recommended by microblading experts in Las Vegas. 

Why microblading aftercare is important?

It is important to carry out proper aftercare once you have successfully completed your microblading session because your brow area gets sensitive. The skin under the pigmented area becomes red and the upper pigment layer appears darker. It is necessary to take a sterilized cotton swab and move it over the sensitive zone after two hours of your procedure. As a result, any extra dye present on your brows will be cleaned. Also, your brow area will become sterile favoring good hygienic conditions. 

How long does the healing process take?

The healing process is 7 to 14 days long depending on the skin type of the individual and the process used for the microblading session. An indication of complete healing is the conversion of the sharp shade to a regular, natural, and smooth shade.

Tips for taking care of microblading:

These tips will help you take care of your microblading and avoid any adverse reactions:

  • Do not wet the microbladed area for at least 10 days. This means you have to keep your brow area covered while showering even.
  • Applying makeup on your brows or the surrounding area is strictly not recommended for at least 7 days. This avoids settling makeup in the shallow cuts in your brow zone caused after microblading. 
  • Never itch your brow zone or you may end up damaging your skin badly.
  • Until the proper healing, make sure to avoid swimming and saunas. 
  • Avoid long-duration hard activities for some days to prevent extreme sweating. Or your skin can show an adverse reaction to prolonged sweating.
  • Avoid keeping your hair on the brow line as friction between your hair and brow line can damage your brow skin
  • Use medicated balm or healing cream as provided by your technician for faster healing. 

Microblading maintenance tips:

With time the pigment starts fading on your brow outline giving two different colors to your eyebrow. As a solution, annual touch-ups are recommended to keep the pigment uniform throughout the eyebrow. 

Microblading is a permanent makeup technique but it fades at a faster rate than tattooing. So you have to get touch-ups for maintaining the results. Sunscreen application is also recommended to help with microblading maintenance. 

What are the possible complications of microblading if not maintained properly?

The most common possible complications of microblading due to lack of maintenance include:

  • Skin infections as a result of allergic reactions or skin irritation. 
  • Extreme pain and stinging
  • Redness or yellow-tinged discharge 
  • Swelling and pus


To know more about microblading and its aftercare, let us know your queries in the comment box below. We would love to help.